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Bring the Beauty of Agingto Your Newport Beach Projects with Custom Patina Service

Aged surfaces have a classic appeal. You can enjoy the charming effect of aging in only a few days with custom patina work from our team at Newport Mesa Powder Coating. Patina is a specialized process that utilizes stains and oils to mimic the aged look to perfection. In many cases, several coats of these products must be applied perfectly using a combination of sponges or rags to produce the desired effects. As custom patina experts, we also utilize a steel wheel to create a brushed look.

While a patina creates a beautiful look of aging, it also offers protective benefits. If you are searching for an effective way to bring a rustic look to your next project, a closer look at the benefits of our patina services is the next natural step.

Gorgeous Furniture Aging Results in Corona del Mar

Whether you are restoring furniture or creating new pieces, you understandably want to bring the aged, distressed look to metal components. Furniture aging is one of our specialties at Newport Mesa Powder Coating. We deliver beautiful end-results for our customers in Corona del Mar and throughout the greater Orange County area.

Patina is a special technique that we use to produce a variety of aging effects on metal surfaces, including knobs, handles, and other furniture components. Whether you want your pieces to look distressed, rustic, or even rusty, our pros are patina specialists who will bring your specific project to life.

Because this process involves the application of stains and oils, we apply a clear topcoat at the end of the process. You will feel confident that the metal will be protected against the damaging effects of actual aging. Call our specialists today to request an estimate for our patina services.

Patina Art Box
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